Monday, December 28, 2009

What We Have Been Up To......

Happy Holidays! I hope everyone's Christmas was great! We enjoyed watching Christmas through the eyes of Emma, she really got into it! I will post Christmas pictures later. In this post you will see some other highlights from the past month.

Sam is 6 months!! He's my cutie!

Here is a picture of Emma and Sam after they got their haircut. Yep, Sam had his first haircut at 6 months. You will see why below......

Looking Good

"Yea, My First Haircut!!"

This next picture will explain why we decided to get his haircut! :)

Poor Sam has to play dress-up too!

My mom, (Mimi) knits hats for Emma and Sam all of the time. Emma loves to play dress-up in her hats. Lately we even find her after she has gone to bed sleeping in one of her hats. :) She's funny like that. She says the hat keeps her hair down. Hmmm??

Poor Sam has a clogged tear duct. In February he will to have a minor surgery to open it up. We will be excited to not have to clean his eye every morning once the surgery is done. Here is a picture of Sam in the morning before I have cleaned his eye.

Big Boy.....Loves his oatmeal and all orange vegetables, but he doesn't like the green ones....especially peas!!

Hope everyone had a great year in 2009, I know I did, I had the sweetest little boy join our family. Hope 2010 brings many wonderful adventures and blessings to all my friends and family!