Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Fun....NOT!!!

"Summer Lovin, had me a blast..." Not!! We did kick off summer with Sam's first birthday and that was fun! I will try and post pictures tomorrow. Since his birthday this house has been taken over by some AWFUL virus!! It started on June 5th during our one day get-a-way to Arkansas to visit our friends! Emma came down with a fever. We headed home that evening and had know idea what we were in store for!!

Emma began throwing up and had high fever. Then the diarreha set in. She got a little better just in time to head to San Antonio for a weekend at Mimi's to celebrate Gigi's birthday and for Travis and I to go to my good friend Sarah's wedding! It was a nice weekend until I met up with my mom again on Sunday to pick up the kids and Emma was looking puny again. We started our journey home and stayed in Dallas at my friend Ashley's house. I could tell Emma wasn't herself but tried to not make a big deal about it. We had a great time visiting with Ashley, Rob and Kendall! When we got back to Bartlesville Emma was extremely hot with fever. 104 to be exact!! WHY??? Back to the doctor the next day for urine sample, chest x-ray and blood work. Oh and we had to get a stool sample too. We started her on an antibiotic and she seemed to bounce back by that Wednesday. Just when I thought it was over....I get a call from Ms. Liz (she watches Emma and Sam during the week) saying Sam has thrown up twice! Oh please no!! Yep, Sam's turn! I stayed home with Sam for the rest of the week and Emma was doing better and better. Sam on the other hand had a high fever and horrible diarreha!! It was sooooo sad to see him so sick. Sam never sits still, so we knew he was miserable! On Friday I had enough and called our doctor and requested an antibiotic for Sam too. Sam's fever went down but we had a long weekend of horrible diarreha and the worst case of diaper rash I have ever seen. On Saturday Emma got all dolled up and headed to her good friend Joey's birthday party at the bowling alley. (she had now been well for 3 days). Father's Day was spent at Travis's parents because I needed to have Sam near a tub because I would rinse him every time he needed a diaper changing. Early that evening, Travis comes to me and says, "Emma has a fever!" "WHAT??" We get her home and she had 102 temp again!! Another day home with mom for both of them yesterday (monday) and they were both doing well. Meanwhile, Travis is not feeling well, but we still managed to take advantage of Grammy's offer to babysit and get away for the evening! However we took Emma with us and went to her first movie, Toy Story 3! Great, but kind of scary for a 3 year old. By the time we got home, Travis was in bed and so was Emma. During the night I was getting medicine for Travis and then holding a bucket for Emma as she starts throwing up again.

This morning (17 days from when this all started) I lost it!! I am tired, achy and confused as to what is going on with Emma! I take Sam to Ms. Liz and then we head back to the doctors with Emma! Another urine sample, chest x-ray and more blood!! I am sure you are asking, just like we are..."What is it?" Not sure!! Tests are coming back negative and normal except her Liver Enzymes are high which can just be an indicator their is a virus of some sort. Her doctor is testing for a coulple of different viruses (Mono and C.M.V) but we won't know until the end of the week.

All is quiet now in this germ filled house (and yes I have cleaned and changed sheets!!) Emma's fever has broke yet again and Sam hasn't had any bad diapers! Travis is hanging in there and I am starting to pack.....tomorrow!!!! Until then I am going to bed and praying for a night of sleep and a healthy family!! The beach is calling us and I am determined to change this summer around!!!

I decided to write this blog because so many of you have called or text asking how things are going. I also felt the need to "journal" these events. Thanks for everyones get well wishes and prayers!! It's nice to know you have so many caring family and friends!! I promise a happy blog next time!!

Emma at her first movie!!!!

Healthy Sam (today)

Sick Sam!

Sick Emma (today)

Healthy Emma (bowling party)

Stay tuned!!!!!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring Time

Happy Easter! The Perry's are enjoying the beautiful weather here in Oklahoma and enjoying family time for Easter. Emma loved hunting for Easter eggs and especially loved the goodies inside the eggs. Sam wants to throw the eggs instead of looking inside for little treasures. Pictures below are from our Easter weekend with Grammy and Pop and our church egg hunt. Please excuse Sam's hair....he needs another hair cut

Emma with Mr. Russell (our preacher). She has taken a liking to him. :)

Sam is 10 months!!

Emma getting ready to dye Easter eggs with Grammy and Pop, while Momma and Daddy go on a date night!! That is my kind of plan!!

During Spring Break my dad and Diane came to Oklahoma to have a quick visit before we headed to Texas! It was great to see them. We went to the Aquarium in Tulsa. Emma loved it, and Sam......he wasn't interested. :)

Sam trying to pull Emma's pig-tail. Being the typical brother!

Our second half of Spring Break was in San Antonio, which was wonderful!! We even got to fly! Emma was so excited to fly on the airplane. I will have to gather pictures from everyone's cameras and then I will post all about our trip. I promise it won't be a long wait..... :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Hello Again!

Where has the time gone? It is March and we are ready for spring weather! Since I have last blogged.....our little Emma has turned 3 and Sam is now 9 months! Emma wears her crown well and sometimes needs to remember who the King and Queen are in this family! :)

Below are a couple pictures from her birthday party at Build-a-Bear! It was great and pretty reasonable!

Opening up her Barbie from Nana and Colonel! I love seeing her into Barbies! My sister and I played Barbies forever!

"Sam-Bo" that's what we call Sam is already 9 months! He has mastered standing up in his crib, crawling, saying DaDa, pulling up on the coffee table, eating lots of different things, and giving kisses! We all love him! His eye surgery went really well and boy are we glad to have simple procedures like that! We don't have to wipe his eye in the mornings anymore!! YEA!!

We are looking forward to Spring Break! Nana and Colonel are coming to visit and we are FLYING home to San Antonio for the 2nd part of the week! Stay tuned.....

Monday, December 28, 2009

What We Have Been Up To......

Happy Holidays! I hope everyone's Christmas was great! We enjoyed watching Christmas through the eyes of Emma, she really got into it! I will post Christmas pictures later. In this post you will see some other highlights from the past month.

Sam is 6 months!! He's my cutie!

Here is a picture of Emma and Sam after they got their haircut. Yep, Sam had his first haircut at 6 months. You will see why below......

Looking Good

"Yea, My First Haircut!!"

This next picture will explain why we decided to get his haircut! :)

Poor Sam has to play dress-up too!

My mom, (Mimi) knits hats for Emma and Sam all of the time. Emma loves to play dress-up in her hats. Lately we even find her after she has gone to bed sleeping in one of her hats. :) She's funny like that. She says the hat keeps her hair down. Hmmm??

Poor Sam has a clogged tear duct. In February he will to have a minor surgery to open it up. We will be excited to not have to clean his eye every morning once the surgery is done. Here is a picture of Sam in the morning before I have cleaned his eye.

Big Boy.....Loves his oatmeal and all orange vegetables, but he doesn't like the green ones....especially peas!!

Hope everyone had a great year in 2009, I know I did, I had the sweetest little boy join our family. Hope 2010 brings many wonderful adventures and blessings to all my friends and family!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Halloween Time!

Well I know Halloween has come and gone along with now Thanksgiving, but I still wanted to share Halloween pictures with you.

Sam was Chewbaka from Star Wars and his costume was a hit!

Our friend's son was Yoda and he was scared of Chewbaca!! :)

Emma was a "Ballerina Witch!" She loved Halloween! She was so thrilled to get so much candy.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sweet Home Alabama!!

I know I am past due on my weekly commitment to "blog" but October has kept us super busy. Tonight I will share with you all about our LONG road trip to Alabama to visit my dad and stepmom. We piled in the Camry around 7:50 am and didn't arrive at my dad's until 8:30 that night. It was a long day. Emma gets the Star Traveler Award, followed by Travis, then myself and in last place....Sam!! :) He really did quite well, however was done around 10 hours of being in the car seat. Below are pictures of our fun, yet short visit with Nana and Colonel.

YEA...Arkansas! Only Two more states to go!!
Nana took the girls to "Emma's Tea-Room"

Emma and Colonel (my dad)
Play time with Nana
Breakfast at the Children's Museum where we saw Sid the Science Kid!
Experiment time!

Since Colonel and Daddy were watching football, Emma had to watch Charlie Brown's Great Big Pumpkin in the study...she thought it was great!!

Thanks for having us Nana and Colonel! We had fun!! Next time, we might fly! :)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

More Miles.....Dallas Road Trip!

Travis and I headed out last Saturday morning without the kids to Dallas for the big A&M Arkansas game. We have good friends that live in Dallas and met up with them. We tail-gated in the rain and then made our way to the amazing Cowboy stadium. Thank goodness the stadium was awesome, because the game...not so much! :)

Wow, Look at that big screen TV!!

This weekend we are staying put in Bartlesville getting ready for our next trip. On Wednesday we will be driving the 10 hour trip to Alabama to visit my dad and step-mom. Emma is excited to go see her Nana and Colonel (that is what she calls my dad) :)

Sam had his 4 month check-up last week and is nice and healthy! He weighs 16lbs and 11 ounces and is 27 and 1/4 inches long. For some reason Travis and I have a kid who is off the charts for his height!! :)