Monday, March 1, 2010

Hello Again!

Where has the time gone? It is March and we are ready for spring weather! Since I have last blogged.....our little Emma has turned 3 and Sam is now 9 months! Emma wears her crown well and sometimes needs to remember who the King and Queen are in this family! :)

Below are a couple pictures from her birthday party at Build-a-Bear! It was great and pretty reasonable!

Opening up her Barbie from Nana and Colonel! I love seeing her into Barbies! My sister and I played Barbies forever!

"Sam-Bo" that's what we call Sam is already 9 months! He has mastered standing up in his crib, crawling, saying DaDa, pulling up on the coffee table, eating lots of different things, and giving kisses! We all love him! His eye surgery went really well and boy are we glad to have simple procedures like that! We don't have to wipe his eye in the mornings anymore!! YEA!!

We are looking forward to Spring Break! Nana and Colonel are coming to visit and we are FLYING home to San Antonio for the 2nd part of the week! Stay tuned.....


Ashley said...

Ironically, as I received your email about the blog update we were on the road back to McKinney and Kendall was wearng Emma's pajamas that say, "Are we there yet?"! And yes, bring on the warmer weather!

Becky said...

FINALLY! Some great pictures of the kids! Loved the birthday girl pictures, she is the cutest little red head I have ever seen and is she the cutest with that crown on her head? - loved that! Sam is looking good, glad the surgery went well. He is such a handsome big boy!