Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring Time

Happy Easter! The Perry's are enjoying the beautiful weather here in Oklahoma and enjoying family time for Easter. Emma loved hunting for Easter eggs and especially loved the goodies inside the eggs. Sam wants to throw the eggs instead of looking inside for little treasures. Pictures below are from our Easter weekend with Grammy and Pop and our church egg hunt. Please excuse Sam's hair....he needs another hair cut

Emma with Mr. Russell (our preacher). She has taken a liking to him. :)

Sam is 10 months!!

Emma getting ready to dye Easter eggs with Grammy and Pop, while Momma and Daddy go on a date night!! That is my kind of plan!!

During Spring Break my dad and Diane came to Oklahoma to have a quick visit before we headed to Texas! It was great to see them. We went to the Aquarium in Tulsa. Emma loved it, and Sam......he wasn't interested. :)

Sam trying to pull Emma's pig-tail. Being the typical brother!

Our second half of Spring Break was in San Antonio, which was wonderful!! We even got to fly! Emma was so excited to fly on the airplane. I will have to gather pictures from everyone's cameras and then I will post all about our trip. I promise it won't be a long wait..... :)


Ashley said...

Good family pic! And I like your dress. Did you put highlights in your hair? Sam's hair looks like it keeps getting lighter!

Becky said...

Adorable pictures. The kids are just beautiful and you and Travis are looking good. Love you all.