Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bartlesville Weekend!

Yes, it is rare but we stayed in Bartlesville all weekend and didn't even leave the house until Sunday evening to grab dinner out. We had a good productive weekend working in our "rainforest" landscaped yard! :) Emma also was excited to earn her prize for 5 nights of going to bed with a smile! Below you will see Emma's bedtime steps that I had to come up with to help with bedtime battles! Each night she follows her steps and goes to bed with a "smile" and no tears she gets a sticker on her chart. When she gets 5 stickers she gets a prize. The prize she decided on was Lightning McQueen slippers or as she says..."Lightning The Queen" :)

Sam turned 4 months today! He is an awesome baby! He is always so happy and will share a smile with you almost anytime you look at him.

Enjoy the pictures! You will also see what happens when Sam's sister decides he needs his hair fixed!! :)

Emma insists on everyone wearing headbands!

She is so proud of her slippers!!

Here are Emma's bedtime steps!!
Next weekend Travis and I are on the road without kids!! We are heading to Dallas for the A&M game. Emma and Sam will be getting spoiled by Grammy and Pop!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Girls Weekend

This past weekend was my girls trip to Dallas. On Friday night we went to see Britney Spears.....that was quite the production. On Saturday we pampered ourselves with manicures and pedicures at this really fun nail place. As you can see by the pictures we were really pampered. :)

Don't we look cute!

Saturday night was dinner and late night chatting!! I had a great time seeing old friends, but I sure did miss my babies!! Oh and Travis too!

Look who was home waiting for me...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hello to All.....

Well I have been hooked to start a blog of all of our family's adventures. We are known for always being on the go, hence the name of our blog. Since we do keep the Camry packed and the kids always going, I thought it would be a good idea to "blog" the adventures. I also want to get better about sharing pictures with family and friends that are not close to us. Then there should be no more complaining. :)

You will have to bear with me for a couple of blogs-I am still learning the format and details.

What have we been up to lately........

Labor Day in Arkansas:

Wow, this air brush tattoo hurts!! :)

We headed to Arkansas for Owen's Biker Birthday! Owen just turned 3 and we try to never miss a Brown's birthday, but we also had to meet the newest addition....Bree Leighton Brown who was born late August. She is adorable! Sam spent some time taking naps and sharing her Pack-in-Play with her. The party was a success. They even hired a spray on tattoo guy to come and give tattoos. You will see in the pictures Travis and Emma getting their tattoos. I got a row of stars on my foot and it still won't come off.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

This is only a test...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Welcome to the Perry's Blog!

Stay tuned for the many adventures of the Perry's!!